Welcome to CATAMI

The online data management and image annotation system for marine ecologists, with a twist.

A Pawsey project, funded by NeCTAR and supported by ANDS

Data Management

Supports still imagery from any camera, in png or jpg formats. Currently used with AUV, Towed Imagery and Kayak Cam.

Data broken down into Campaigns and Deployments for easy discovery and transect visualisation.

Browse Campaigns and Deployments

Image Annotation

Fine and broad scale annotation projects supported.

Random and stratified image sampling across thousands of images in seconds.

Random point sampling.

On the fly statistics calculated while you work.

Export your work as a CSV for further analysis.

Work in private, public or work with friends and colleagues on the same data at the same time!

Secret Sauce!

Similar image recommendations in broad scale classification projects.

Full support for the CATAMI classification scheme.

Get the Classification Scheme

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